Bruce and Heather Etherton enjoyed 25 years of inner-city high-rise living after moving from their farm in north-west Victoria. The pair enjoyed the evening social life, the convenient location and the freedom that comes with apartment living.

However, as they aged and Heather’s Parkinson’s progressed, the couple began to question whether their Carlton apartment building was the best place for them.

“About 18 months ago we started to think about what the future might hold for us,” Bruce says.

“We wanted to be prepared in case something happened to me and I needed help or somebody to look after Heather.”

The couple knew they wanted to live independently, but required a retirement living complex where they could access additional support, if required, and “move through the various levels of support” with one provider.

“It worried me that one of us would be left and we’d have to go somewhere by ourselves, which wouldn’t be much fun,” Heather explains.

The pair searched for several months before arranging a tour with Amarco sales and marketing co-ordinator Anita Ukalovic one cold, wet day.

Heather said the “warm and cosy” entrance at Amarco instantly piqued her interest.

“In the lounge, the fire was going, the TV was on and there were a couple of people around,” she says.

“We really felt at home.”

Things got even better for Bruce and Heather when the apartment Anita showed them was exactly what they wanted. The wide hallways, single-level floors, open-plan living and large bathrooms meant Heather could easily get around in her wheelchair.

The pair moved into Amarco in September 2018 and said they felt “happy and content” in their surroundings immediately after moving in. Bruce said they rolled over each night in bed and told each other moving to Amarco was “the best move we ever made”.

Amarco Apartments offers all apartments on a 99-year lease basis, giving residents the same rights as a freehold title but with the added financial benefit of keeping 100 per cent of any capital gain.

The complex is owned and operated by Uniting AgeWell, which supports local seniors through home care, social support and carer respite services, as well as operating the Kingsville Community aged care residence, adjacent to Amarco Apartments.


Amarco Apartments, 9 Edgar Street, Kingsville. Inquiries: 9680 0500 or

An apartment interior. (Photo supplied)