Terry White Chemmart Sunbury is a new name – but nothing has changed with the same focus on care and health advice, something the team has prided itself on for decades.

Terry White Chemist in Sunbury had been a mainstay of the local shopping precinct for more than 28 years, always a favourite for locals and always with the local community at its heart.

A merger with Chemmart has created a great new look in-store and opportunities for owner and pharmacist Chris te Wierik and his team to offer a much more extensive selection of products at
fantastic prices, the result of two powerhouse chemist franchises joining forces.

“We stock brands such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Jurlique and Chanel fragrances, Woodwicks and a larger range of gift products,” Chris says.

But primary care and optimal health outcomes for his community will always
be the main priority for Chris and his team.

“We take interest in our customers and their families,” Chris says.

He says the drive to give back to the community and a focus on good health was what first inspired him and his family to get into pharmacy.

“Today, that incorporates educating our customers with regards to simple things like wound care and joint management through to diet, exercise and everything in between,” he says.

“More recently, flu vaccinations have also become a part of the charge to promote health through preventative maintenance. All the in-house pharmacists are
fully trained in the administration of vaccines.

“You don’t have to see the healthcare nurse or book with your doctor these
days. You can come directly in-store to get your flu vaccinations at a time that suits you with no appointment needed, which is a great convenience.”

Terry White Chemmart Sunbury, 83-85 Evans Street, Sunbury. Opens 8.30am-9pm Monday-Saturday and 9am-9pm Sunday. Inquiries: 9744 2801 or visit terrywhitechemmart.com.au Facebook: TerryWhite Chemmart Sunbury

Britt and Katelyn. (Photo: Shawn Smits)

Pharmacist Harley Lambert has joined the team at Terry White and is enjoying working back in her home town. (Photo supplied)

There is a range of gifts in store. (Photos: Shawn Smits)

(Photo: Shawn Smits)