Cris Ivanidis, audiologist and owner of Active Audiology, is keen to correct a common perception that hearing aids don’t work and are expensive. He says customers leave his independent clinic thrilled with their hearing solutions – and often surprised by the number of hearing aid choices available to suit all budgets and needs.

“We’ve helped thousands of Melburnians in the past 15 years, including those who were sceptical about getting success,” Cris says. “For instance, one of our audiologists worked closely with a local high school teacher to select hearing aids that would let him hear his students in the classroom and school yard. He wanted something discreet and effective in noisy environments.

“He was a perfect example of a reasonably young person with hearing loss. Our audiologist knew that keeping the teacher’s brain aural pathways stimulated with the right hearing aids was very important. She trialled different hearing aids with him until they found something that was comfortable and effective for his professional environment. It was a very satisfying result – to see him confident and able to focus on his responsibilities as a teacher again.”

Cris believes the fact his clinic is independently owned and managed, with university-trained audiologists on board, is a real benefit to clients.

“Unlike hearing clinics owned by hearing aid manufacturers, we provide unbiased clinical advice,” he says. “We employ only master’s degree-qualified audiologists – not audiometrists who are only qualified to fit devices. Our audiologists are experienced in all types of hearing solutions. We listen to concerns and use our independent expertise to get the best outcomes. We have access to all brands, so clients have a lot more choice. We believe that hearing is part of overall health. Social interactions and effective communication is important in the process of ageing.

“Healthy hearing has been strongly linked with slowing down cognitive decline. Getting fitted with the correct hearing devices is not just about hearing well – it has a deeper positive impact on our brain’s listening pathways. So when it comes to overall health and brain function, selecting someone who is clinically trained is even more important.

Active Audiology is government-accredited to provide free hearing services and aids to pensioners and DVA Goldcard holders. A range of services and hearing technology are available to self-funded retirees, while sleep and musician plugs and tinnitus tests and diagnoses are covered.

Right now, the clinic is offering trials of five of the latest models, which are shown to have reliable results in noisy environments.


Active Audiology, 10 Harrington Square, Altona. Opens 9am-5pm weekdays. Inquiries: 9398 3331 or

Audiologist Marina Opacak with a client. (Photo: Damjan Janevski)