Keilor Downs College has experienced a rapid improvement in its VCE mean study score, pushing it above the state average, and principal Linda Maxwell is delighted.

VCE achievement is extremely strong, Ms Maxwell says, “with many students achieving ATAR scores over 90 and 40-plus study scores.

“Our NAPLAN results show greater than expected gains in reading, writing and numeracy. There is a well-documented Year 7-10 curriculum which provides students with the ability to achieve success in their studies.”

She believes theses successes can be attributed largely to the positive atmosphere of the school where almost 1400 students are enrolled.

“Our students and teachers share a safe, calm and orderly environment,” she says. “Classes are positive and focused on learning, with the rapport between students and teachers allowing for continued improvement in student outcomes.

“Our House system, where students are assigned to one of four houses from Year 7 onwards, has proved very successful. It provides students with an increased sense of connectedness and belonging – we believe we see better outcomes when students and teachers know each other well.”

Ms Maxwell says along with a rigorous Years 7-10 curriculum, the college offers a broad range of VCE subjects, VCAL to senior level and a big choice of VET programs for VCE and VCAL.

“We also offer a select entry accelerated learning (SEAL) program for gifted learners, as well as Pathways counselling from Year 10,” she says.

“To round out an extensive learning environment, we have a Department of Education and Training-accredited International Students Program, with students mainly from Vietnam and China.”

The college’s learning environment includes classrooms conducive to self-directed student learning, up-to-date science laboratories and music classrooms, and a large multi-media library.

A gymnasium and sports grounds support sporting endeavours and physical education, while a “healthy food” canteen caters for varied dietary needs.

A senior study centre, with outdoor space, is designed for learning excellence.

“The school is strong in extracurricular activities, such as sport and music, and offers an established elite soccer program,” Ms Maxwell says.

“Students actively engage in a range of leadership opportunities including Students Making a Difference (SMAD), peer support and sports leadership.”


Keilor Downs College, 100-110 Odessa Avenue, Keilor Downs. Inquiries: 9365 8000 or visit