Active Audiology has built up an outstanding reputation in its nearly eight years of operation in Altona, helping people with their hearing issues and finding practical and reliable solutions to improve their lives.

Owner and principal audiologist Cris Ivanidis, who works closely with fellow audiologist Marina Opacak, has a team of locally trained clinicians specifically chosen for their sound ethics and professional standards when counselling and treating hearing loss.

Active Audiology is an independent clinic, with no commercial bias or corporate control in play, so clients have the huge advantage of being able to freely choose from a wide selection of brands and price points.

Marina, who is renowned for her audiology skills – particularly in hearing aid adjustments that can radically improve effectiveness – shares the experience of a client, a story that defines the Active Audiology approach.

“Recently, we had a client who suspected she might have a hearing loss and was understandably quite emotional about it. She worked in a call centre and relied heavily on being able to understand her customers. Her confidence was gone and she was stressed about being able to keep her job,” Marina says.

“Our audiologist tested her hearing and confirmed there was a clinical loss. A great deal of care was taken in counselling this client on her emotional concerns. It turned out that a hearing device was going to be the best solution to letting her hear conversations clearly, especially when working.

“We tried several small models and by the end of it, she was back to being her old self. The process took longer than normal because we knew she needed extra attention and care with her hearing management.

“We see clients like these regularly – worried and stressed people because they don’t know what’s involved and whether they will ever feel like themselves again. Because we focus solely on hearing care, we know that there is no “one size fits all process”.

“Our clients vary so much and our advice changes from person to person. We have the time and expertise to do this … because that’s all we do all day long.”

The clinic treats people of all ages – from four to 104 – and is government accredited to see pensioners at no charge, and an approved provider for WorkSafe compensation.

And, right now, the clinic is offering free 14-day trials of the latest hearing technology so patients can assess their efficiency in their everyday life.

Active Audiology, 10 Harrington Square, Altona. Opens 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. 

Inquiries: 1300 364 007