The Freestone’s Transport fleet is famous for its beautifully turned out trucks – Peterbilts, Kenworths and Western Stars, both older and brand new, all in concourse condition.

A combination of its lofty fleet standards and amazing working conditions for its drivers means Freestone’s has always been a great place to work.

And now they’re looking for quality drivers who hold a multi-combination licence (MC).

For owners Paul and Christine Freestone, nothing is more important than looking after their drivers and other staff.

Paul and Chris are dedicated to a welcoming and secure workplace in which their staff feel appreciated and respected.

“We know all too well that linehaul is a lifestyle choice,” Christine says.

“Those who work for us become true professional drivers and are admired for their work ethic, standards and attention to detail.

“We respect the work ethic and standards that come with being a dedicated linehaul driver and we encourage those with great standards and experience to contact us to become part of our team.”

Freestone’s Transport, operates a depot in Tullamarine working for the top-five companies, dock-to-dock, driving eastern seaboard routes.

“The company’s driver accommodations are matched by other creature comforts making working at Freestone’s one of the most sought-after companies to drive for in the industry.

“Loyalty is a double-sided coin,” Christine says. “We respect and acknowledge the efforts of our drivers, especially our long-term drivers.

“We reward them with the latest equipment and offer very flexible working conditions. No one is ever just a number at Freestone’s.

“Our philosophy is simple. We believe in one truck, one driver; no ‘hot seat’ or ‘stage coaching’.

“You are part of an extended family,” Christine says.


To apply, contact Freestone’s Transport, 20 Barrie Road, Tullamarine. Inquiries: 9335 1590, email or visit