Dental phobia or anxiety is increasing dramatically in the community, according to recent surveys – so Dr Mohit Dubey and Dr Barry Creighton are determined to banish it.

Dr Mohit, owner and principal dentist of Sunbury’s Horne Street Dental Group, has teamed up with Dr Barry, from Dental Sedation Victoria, to form a formidable partnership.

Dr Mohit explains what it means for his patients.

“Our clinic is an anxious patient’s first port of call,” he says. “We will carry out a full mouth assessment then refer the patient to Dr Barry, who will perform his own medical assessment.

“Then a date that works for me, Dr Barry and the patient is locked in to proceed with the required dental procedure.

“Sedation, or ‘twilight anaesthesia’, and analgesia is administered slowly intravenously while Dr Barry and a registered nurse remain by the patient’s side.

Dr Barry explains the procedure where by continuous monitoring of vital functions ensures heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and oxygen remain at the right levels.

“And, to aid in recovery from a very light sleep, fluids are also given intravenously.

“It’s not a general anaesthetic procedure and communication can take place between dentist and patient. A tap on the shoulder is all that’s needed to bring awareness.’

Dr Mohit says there are many reasons someone may feel anxious and afraid about dental work – for instance, a prior unpleasant experience at the dentist, a fear of needles or the sounds of a drill.

Dr Mohit believes it’s essential that fear doesn’t keep people from looking after their teeth.

“I’m not sure if people are aware of the long-term implications on their general health if they continue to avoid dental visits.

“Common problems include yellow teeth, infected gums, bad odour, painful teeth and sleepless nights – let alone losing confidence to smile.

“Studies have shown that infection and inflammation of the mouth, along with other risk factors, puts people at risk of heart attack, oral cancer and diabetes – and even dementia and Alzheimer’s.

“We encourage anyone who is paralysed by fear to book an appointment and get things moving.”

The clinic is extending services provided on-site with the addition of Dr Michelle Luu and Dr Shammi Moopen now available to look after the people of Sunbury and Macedon Ranges.


Horne Street Dental Group, 34 Horne Street, Sunbury. Inquiries: 9740 3588