Gwenda Pearce, nearly 80, has faced a few challenges in the past three years or so, writes Carole Levy.

Her husband, Arthur, died from cancer, Gwenda nursing him through it.

And Gwenda herself has been through medical treatments.

These trying times have been shared with the team at KND Denture Clinic in St Albans.

Arthur was a long-time user of the clinic’s services and Gwenda accompanied him when he was sick. She says going to the clinic feels like family.

“Sam and the others are always ready to chat and make me feel so welcome,” she says. “You don’t get that in most places today – they usually feel impersonal.

“They were all wonderful with Arthur when he was sick, and I always notice how friendly they are to others waiting.

“So when my dentist in Fitzroy referred me to KND, I was more than happy. I needed a whole new denture plate, so once my dentist removed all my top teeth, my sister drove me to KND so Sam could fit the new plate straight away. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly.”

Gwenda’s top teeth deteriorated during Arthur’s illness because, as she says, “I was too busy to look after myself.” Since Sam expertly fitted her dentures more than two years ago, Gwenda hasn’t experienced a single problem.

Sam Robertson, who started at KND in 2009, and Kathy Danoucaras and her brother Nick (both fluent in Greek) are highly qualified prosthetists who custom-make all dentures and mouthguards on site. They have 30 years collective history in the industry.

The practice provides full and partial dentures, metal-framed dentures, implant over-dentures and repairs and relines.

With the footy season under way, Kathy says it’s important to consider getting a quality mouthguard.

“We custom-make mouthguards,” she says. “Off-the-shelf mouthguards don’t have the same comfort levels or allow you to breathe as easily as custom-made and fitted mouthguards.

“They not only protect teeth, but also help reduce the severity of concussion. And they come in a big range of colours.”


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