Neighbourhood Welcome Service is an initiative that has been developed by Australia Post in and with Melbourne’s inner-west community.

The service is being trialled in the City of Maribyrnong until June 30, 2020, and is designed to help make neighbourhoods more welcoming places. The service is for people who may be new to the area or those that just need a little extra help.

By helping people connect with their neighbours, local businesses and essential services, the initiative can help support those who need it most.

This initiative reinforces Australia Post’s social purpose and empowers people and businesses to be more inclusive and connected via the three foundational components of the service.

1. Welcome Packs

People who would benefit from this service are directed to a participating Post Office in the City of Maribyrnong, where they will receive a neighbourly welcome and be gifted a Welcome Pack.

The Welcome Pack contains information that helps them learn about the local area and how to get involved in their neighbourhood through activities at Welcome Spaces.

2. Welcome Spaces

Australia Post has partnered with local businesses and community organisations to create Welcome Spaces. These are places where everyone can go and feel welcome.

When people visit a Welcome Space they’ll have the chance to talk with a Community Connector – a great opportunity to ask questions about the neighbourhood and how they can get involved.

For a list of Welcome Spaces and the offers and activities they provide, go to

3. Community Connectors

Community Connectors are members of the community who want to help. They’ve made a commitment to their local community and are ready to share a warm smile and some local knowledge.

Community Connectors can be found at Welcome Spaces and Post Offices across the inner-west; look out for their Community Connector badges.

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