Altona’s Active Audiology, one of the few remaining independent hearing clinics in Victoria, has gained a reputation for high-level expertise and kindness since owner Cris Ivanidis established the clinic 14 years ago.

Marina Opacak, a skilled audiologist who collaborates with Cris, shares a story that exemplifies the compassionate approach of the clinic’s team.

“The lead-up to Christmas is one of our busiest times,” she says. “People want to go to social functions and family gatherings and the last thing they need is for their hearing aid to stop working or run out of batteries.

“Last year, a few days before Christmas Day, one of our team took an after-hours call from a client whose hearing aid wasn’t working properly. So we picked it up from her home in a retirement village, cleaned it and returned it just in time for her to enjoy the annual Christmas party.

“We understand that our service is not just about fitting hearing aids. It’s about doing what it takes to help people reconnect, enjoy social activities and conversations and resume normal life. It’s not the first time we’ve done a home delivery of a hearing aid just in time for a client’s special event.”


Finding the right hearing device is only half the solution

“Once selected, a device needs to be set up correctly, adjusted and tuned to a client’s personal hearing profile – this is the final step to success,” Cris explains. “If this isn’t done correctly, a hearing aid can feel uncomfortable and, even worse, completely useless.”

Marina, who finds working at an independent clinic rewarding because of the freedom she has in prescribing the most suitable technology, absent any commercial alliances, has helped many people who now refer their family and friends – because she gets results.

“Cris and I really understand what a difficult condition hearing loss is to treat,” she says.

“Many sufferers, especially our more elderly clients, aren’t ready to take action or feel confused. We’ve counselled hundreds of people through a range of emotions associated with accepting hearing loss and doing something about it. We find taking this personal approach very rewarding and it’s part of what makes our clinic so appreciated by our clients.”


Free hearing aid trials

Active Audiology is offering a free no-obligation 14-day trial of the latest models, with state-of-the-art technology, rechargeable and smartphone compatible.


Active Audiology, 10 Harrington Square, Altona. Inquiries: 9398 3331 or visit


A free 14-day trial is available with the latest in-ear Opn technology device. (Picture: Supplied)