A Williamstown butcher has brought home the bacon. Paul White of Old Style Butcher in Williamstown and Yarraville has been awarded for curing the best bacon in the Australian Meat Council Industry Awards.

Mr White said the bacon was made at his Ferguson Street store, which is the longest standing butcher shop in Williamstown.

“We get a full carcass in, we break the pigs down, we bone the middle, cure it for bacon and we smoke it inhouse,” Mr White said.

“Basically, we use our traditional recipes, so nothing over the top, fancy or anything like that … but we smoke it just right.

“When I say nothing over the top, fancy, we’re not trying to reinvent it, we’re just trying to do it properly,” Mr White said.

“I guess that’s our philosophy throughout the business; we try to do everything properly.

“We don’t take short cuts and we don’t try to speed processes up that can’t be sped up.

“We obviously take a lot of pride in what we do and it’s just a good honest product – the way it’s supposed to be.”