Gabriel Rossi doesn’t shy away from referring to himself as a wog.

The Darley comedian’s folks are from Calabria, migrating here after World War 2.

But not everyone feels comfortable when Rossi has a go at “wog” customs.

“One woman told me off for calling myself a wog after a show, but the thing is I’ve turned her comments into a joke that’s been killing it with audiences for four years now,” he says.

This Friday, Rossi will be performing alongside fellow western suburbs comedians George Kapiniaris, Tahir Bilgic and John Burgos, as well as American import Ashley Aime-Fils, in their show,

Wild Wogs, at Sunshine’s Club Italia. Rossi says it’s a collection of their stand-up acts.

“The underlying theme is ethnicity. You’ve got an Italian, a Greek, a Turk, an African American and a Spaniard. There’s a very Australian flavour to it. I have a lot of fun out of your garden-variety Aussie, but it only works because I’m self-deprecating about Italians.”

The 45-year-old says the group doesn’t like political correctness.

“We like to push boundaries, but we do have to remind people that we’re joking.”

Wild Wogs is at Club Italia Sporting Club, Sunshine, on Friday, April 15, at 6pm. Tickets are $35, or $60 with dinner. Go online at or call 9367 4187.