Get ready to rumble – the final Platinum Wrestling Enterprises show will play out in Tarneit this Friday.

Scheduled for Tarneit’s Hotel 520, the event will have 14 wrestlers going head to head, including a heavyweight bout and the crowning of a tag team champion pairing.

Tarneit’s own Tass Tokatidis is looking forward to taking on international wrestler Mohamad Ali Vaez.

“The thing about wrestling is that it’s a form of art, a performance art,” Tokatidis said.


“But there will always be risks in what we do. A few years ago I was out for six months because of a pretty nasty spinal injury.

“I’ve been wrestling for eight years, but I’ve been a fan of it my whole life. I look up to wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock and the Undertaker.

“The atmosphere is just great at a wrestling match. The way the crowd responds when you hit a great move is priceless.”

Tokatidis says lovers of wrestling can expect a lot of high-impact action and a few surprises on Friday.

The action begins at 7pm on November 27. To book, call 9748 8520.