Catherine Meeson was only 13 when she started putting her heart, soul and composing talents into her music.

Almost three decades later, the Melton South woman has released her third album, titled Contemplating Buddha – with modern, sophisticated computer music tools playing a big part.

“I got myself computers back in 2008 and downloaded the software,” Meeson said.

“I had a lot of heartache and conflict in my life for quite a big period … when I eventually got everything I needed, I had to let it all out.”

She says her style is hard to define.

“Some of it’s sort of folk-rocky, pop-rocky, some of it is more soundscape, almost cinematic,” she said.

Themes included in her latest album include “deep space, spirituality, politics, mythology, philosophy, relationships and nostalgia”, with the material having been written between 2010 and 2015.

“I’m just one person, so I’m learning each time,” Meeson said of the album process.

“You need such big networks and so much planning, but there’s just me. I’ve got a guy who does my mastering, but I do recording, mixing, playing, singing – everything else.”