In Iraq, Bashar Yousif carved The Lord’s Prayer into stone using beautiful calligraphy.

But since he moved to Australia two years ago, he’s not sure where to purchase the stone or the equipment needed to replicate the piece, so the stonemason decided to explore a new medium and purchased a paint brush instead.

For the first time in two years, the 56-year-old let his creativity flow, painting the prayer in the ancient Arabic language of Kufi.

The South Morang resident entered his artwork in Whittlesea council’s

Doorways exhibition, which asked artists to think about and explore the doorways in their lives.

Mr Yousif worked as a stonemason in northern Iraq, employed by architects to carve decorative details into stone, which would then be used on building facades, stairways or walls.

He counts himself lucky to be able to exhibit in Australia. He said he saw the exhibition as a chance to represent his home land, which he fled two years ago when fighting escalated.

He held his first exhibition of cartoons in Iraq in 1983, but opportunities to exhibit in recent years ran dry when internal conflicts put a stop to many cultural and civic pursuits.

More than 100 artists will display their works along side those of Mr Yousif next month when

Doorways is hung inside the Great Hall at Whittlesea council offices at South Morang.

The exhibition will run from October 9 to 29, 10am until 4pm.