Kenny Weir finds a place that’s more than pie in the sky


You can buy Kiwi-style Ka Pies all over, but they’re made at 250 Hampshire Road, Sunshine.

That address is also home to Bro’s Choice, a humble cafe that, naturally, sells Ka Pies!

Same address, different businesses.

It’s a straightforward place and about as far from hispsterdom and smashed avocado as it’s possible to get and still be a cafe.

I’m happy to call it home for half an hour as I sample my choice of pies. I have two – at $4.50 a pop.

Smoked fish pie is delicate, subtle and very nice.

Lamb roast pie is some kind of magic. Yes, it tastes of lamb. But more than that, it tastes like ROAST lamb!

How cool is that?

With its lamb, bits of spud, carrot, corn and gravy, it’s very, very good.

I take home four cold pies for further exploration with Bennie – two apiece of hangi pie (with smoked pork, kumara and potato) and pork and watercress.

I’m knocked out to find the price of the cold ones is just $3.50.

Bargain! And significantly less than the prices listed on the Ka Pie website, never mind delivery costs.ka3

Bro’s Choice Cafe
Address: 250 Hampshire Road, Sunshine
Phone: 9939 7512

So Bro’s Choice would seem to be a logical destination to stock up on these goodies.

We’ll be doing so.

The hangi and pork-watercress pies we try at home are even better than the ones I’d tried at Bro’s Choice.

So much so that, after a mouthful of each, Bennie spontaneously and exuberantly proclaims: “These are great!”

Ka Pies may not have the same heft or all-out richness as Port Melbourne’s Pure Pies, but they taste just as good and are a whole lot cheaper.

With an Afghan restaurant and an African place now both joining Bro’s Choice of residence, it’s nice to see this stretch of Hampshire Road exhibiting some cheerful diversity on top of its long-cherished Vietnamese/Chinese options.

For varieties and a list of stockists, go to

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