These boots were made for talking – and each has a unique tale to tell.

After a lifetime working in various arts and crafts, Spotswood’s Betty Ennis has taken her talents into the world of designer footwear.

Her bespoke boots and show-stopping shoes will be on display from next week at West Footscray’s Post Industrial Design.

The creations including her new label, Betty Bossy Boots, are all hand-crafted by Ennis using vintage equipment and old-school techniques with a definite nod to the 1960s.

“Shoemaking is incredibly rewarding – it is art, design, fashion, technical drawing, form, function and skilled construction,” Ennis said. “A striking pair of shoes or boots is the ultimate statement for me.”

Post Industrial Design director Mary Long said she was excited to be putting on the show.

“Betty’s work epitomises everything we stand for in terms of local sustainable objects,” she said. “Call it art, call it design – Betty’s work is definitely exhibition-worthy.”

The exhibition opens from 6pm on Sunday, March 6, and closes on April 3.