St Albans artist Saidin Salkic wants to shine a light on the unsung artists of the world.

The internationally renowned painter and musician has created a three-minute video highlighting the work of unknown artists.

The piece, called Breton Burning, will screen at the Footscray Community Arts Centre later this month as part of the West of What program for the Fringe Festival.

“The video is a voice to all of the unsung artists of the world that nobody knows at all,” Salkic said.

“There are housewives and children that make great work in the garden and parks who no one glorifies.

“There is a lot of elitists looking at the history of art who focus on a few artists when there are actually millions of artists creating work.”

Salkic, who has four films to his name, is taking part in the Fringe Festival for the first time.

The Bosnian-born artist has travelled the world, screening his work internationally, and said he was looking forward to screening his work locally.

Breton Burning will screen at the Footscray Community Arts Centre on Saturday, September 23.

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