Melbourne rock band Shawdowqueen, which features Mernda’s Alex Deegan, is on a mission to introduce their music to more people.

The band, which also comprises guitarist Si Hopman and vocalist/bassist Robbi Zana, recently released their second album, Living Madness.

Deegan joined Shadowqueen in 2009 after the other members spotted him at gig. He was asked to join the band for a series of live shows before being made a permanent member.

He says the album is a big change from the band’s debut album,

Don’t Tell, which was released in 2012.

The album was an instant hit in Europe, earning the band rave reviews, but didn’t do quite as well in Australia. The band is hoping the new album will attract more local fans.

“The new album is more mature than the first,” Deegan says.

“Our songwriting is shared now and I think the product is better.

“We’ve all been able to influence songs and it has taken us in a different direction.”

Deegan says he has been drumming for more than 30 years, having picked up drumsticks for the first time at school as a seven-year-old.

“A drummer came to do a demo at school and I had a go. He suggested I should do lessons and it all started from that,” he says.

“I used to do a lot of sport and then suddenly music took over.”