A crash course in one of the world’s most popular card games is on offer at Seaholme this month.

The Bridgewest club, which has players from Moonee Valley to Werribee, is offering a free introductory session to bridge at the Altona Sports Club.

“Bridge is not for everyone, but you won’t know unless you try it,” says bridge teacher Tim Orr. “Like golf, it’s easy to learn, takes a while to master and is great fun.

“Through bridge, you will meet a wide range of new and interesting people.

“It’s good for the brain. Medical research suggests that it helps to slow or prevent the onset of degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s.”

The free bridge course will be at the Altona Sports Club, 1 Altona Road, Seaholme, on
July 26 from 1pm to 4.45pm.

Afternoon tea, also free, will be served at 3pm.

To book your place, call Tim Orr on 0400 654 523 or email tim@bridgewest.net.