Legacy Week marks the start of an annual fundraising campaign supporting the families of the men and women who keep our country safe. The only not-for-profit of its kind in Australia, Legacy cares for about 70,000 families including elderly widows, young families, children and people with a disability throughout Australia.



Jacky Gavin knows all too well how important the Legacy services are to those touched by the realities of war.

The mother of three lost her husband, Luke, in 2011. He was one of three soldiers killed in the Australian base camp in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Jacky and Luke had been together for 12 years; their children were so young at the time – Joshua, seven, Holly, five, and Olivia, who was just seven months old. They are now the faces of the Legacy campaign.

When Jacky was trying to pick up the pieces of her life, Legacy was there with what it calls a Legatee – and most often it is someone who has gone through the same sort of tragedy and donates their time to support family’s like those of Jacky, creating a community of other families so they can re-build.

“Six years later, we all still miss Luke terribly, but we now look to our future with certainty, thanks to the help of Legacy,” Jacky says. “My Legatee is in touch with me regularly to find out how we are going and if there is anything he can assist us with.

“Without Legacy, the children wouldn’t be doing any sports or after school activities and they really enjoy these.

“Legacy has been so good to us. I feel blessed. They were there when I needed them and I know I can rely on their support in the years ahead.”


Legacy has cared for veterans’ families for 94 years, helping them overcome hardship and giving them confidence in the future – but it only survives due to donations and volunteer support.

Legacy needs more Legatees to help care for the families of veterans who have given their lives or their health for Australia.

Legacy Week is Sunday August 27 to Saturday September 2. If you are interested, Legacy encourages you to visit its website and register. There are many other ways to help, including direct donations or hosting a fundraising event.