Sue Love is a self-proclaimed Malmsbury enthusiast and gives of her time generously to help others.

She spoke to Esther Lauaki about her vision for the community.


What’s your connection to Macedon Ranges?

My connection has been through volunteering on the Malmsbury town hall committee, the Malmsbury Fayre committee and the Malmsbury Advance Association.

Generally, my connection with the Macedon Ranges is that I live here and I call myself a ‘Malmsbury enthusiast’.

I get pleasure from seeing the community coming together to achieve great things for the town.

Our town hall committee has brought the town hall to life with an ever increasing number of events, as we improve the venue in so many ways, with new chairs, new stage curtain, an acoustics system and beautiful new kitchen.


You help Gippsland farmers with food donations. Fill me in on this work.

My concern for the plight of our dairy farmers has grown and grown.

As time went by and I could sense the despair being so apparent, I mobilised the local community, with the help of my partner, Terry.

Today, I am responding to a plea for help in the Yarrawonga region.

I know it is a drop in the ocean, but I feel there hasn’t been a significant response from our governments.

I think there are greater issues transcending into other farming areas, and our food security.

But my biggest concern is for the livelihoods and welfare of these farming groups.

Plus the communities they work in are affected, a flow-on effect, if you like.

My other volunteer work centres on Collingwood Children’s Farm.

I have been doing that for more than 10 years.


Why is helping in community so important?

My social conscience is pretty well developed.

I think that translates to a concern for others.

My mother was my role model.

She did a lot of work for the home for the blind, where I had an aunt who lived there.

And she looked after everyone in our street when they were unwell.


What do you love about Malmsbury?

There are some real characters who live here. Many are generous spirited.

The village atmosphere of Malmsbury has an intrinsic charm about it.

And there are many picturesque places close by.

Malmsbury is wonderfully located within reach of Daylesford, Castlemaine, Kyneton, Trentham, Woodend, Lancefield.


What do you do to relax?

Well, I love my garden.

I have an orchard, which was my dream.

I grow a variety of flowers that become posies, called Tussie Mussies.

I have done a few weddings with those. Growing herbs is also a passion.

I write an article for the Malmsbury Mail.

Other relaxing activities include travelling around with my partner in his motor-home, attending classical music concerts at the Melbourne Recital Centre, walking and cycling.


What would you change about Macedon Ranges?

I enjoy the cultural activities they have presented at the town hall in Kyneton.

However, I would like to see more commonsense evident in some of their planning issues.

I think we have an over abundance of sporting facilities … I just think the arts could get more consideration.

Sometimes I feel Malmsbury is a bit of a forgotten end of the shire.