Craig Exon moved to Whittlesea earlier this year to head the Salvation Army Church in Mill Park.


What is your connection to the City of Whittlesea?


My family and I moved here in January this year. I am the corps officer/team leader for the Whittlesea City Salvation Army Church. Basically, that means I’m the pastor of our local Salvo Church in Mill Park


What do you like about the area?


So many things. The closeness to rural settings, the multicultural nature of the northern suburbs is amazing and I love that it’s relaxed and easy-going. It’s a great place for our family.


What, if anything, would you change?


Like most people, I think the traffic is a key issue. Better public transport and more affordable housing are key as well.


How long have you been involved with the Salvation Army and what brought you to Whittlesea?


I’ve been a Salvo officer for just over 15 years and moved here as a part of the Salvos appointment process in January to lead the church and community work here in Whittlesea City. It’s an exciting challenge and a great place to be.

What are some of the projects the Salvos are working on locally?


We are currently exploring ways we can support those sleeping rough in Whittlesea City. We have just started a women’s support program for people from a refugee or CALD background on a Thursday morning each fortnight. The Salvos also have a number of programs targeting family violence, running out of Crossroads. We have some great initiatives to build into families running through the church at the moment … Salvos have just opened a store in Epping and a new store is coming to Whittlesea. We are passionate about partnering with the community to build networks and look at ways to build a healthy community.


Where is your favourite local place to spend time?


I love riding out through Doreen and the back of Nutfield, and we love walking up Quarry Hills Park in South Morang.