Epping CFA volunteer Liam Gallagher, 21, was named Whittlesea’s Young Citizen of the Year.


What is your connection to the City of Whittlesea?

I have been a resident of Whittlesea all my life.


What do you like about living in Whittlesea?

The place is quiet for the suburbs but has close proximity to everything one would need.


What, if anything, would you like to change?

The roads. Don’t we all want better roads and less traffic?


How long have you been a volunteer with Epping CFA?

I joined a little over three years ago.


Why did you decide to join the CFA?

I had some time to fill and wanted to challenge myself, so the CFA was the best choice. I keep volunteering because I enjoy helping people in some of their worst moments, plus the team at Epping is very supportive.


Is being a volunteer firefighter challenging?

It is both physically and mentally demanding, but also very rewarding.


What does it mean to be named Whittlesea’s Young Citizen of the Year?

It is validation that all the hard work and effort that I put in to make not only my organisation, but my community, better is worthwhile. It is not me that has won the award but all the other volunteers at Epping that assist the community. Firefighting is not an individual task but requires a team effort. Recognition is never expected but always appreciated.