Peter Brookshaw has been the captain of the Craigieburn Salvation Army for close to six years.


What’s your connection to Craigieburn?

My family has lived in Craigieburn for nearly six years. My wife and I have the privilege of leading the work of The Salvation Army in this region.


What do you like about Craigieburn?

I love Craigieburn. Take, for instance, ANZAC Day, when the SES, the police, politicians, faith communities, schools communities, councillors, etc join together in solidarity to reflect on our past. Take, for instance, Craigieburn Festival or Hume Carols, where the community gathers together. Take, for instance, the spaces that continue to be developed that better enhance our community. I just love Craigieburn.


What, if anything, would you like to change?

If I had one prayer that could be answered I would eradicate family violence from our society. Too many families have been hurt, almost irrevocably damaged by deep-seated pride and anger at the heart of some individuals.


How long have you been involved with the Salvation Army?

I have been a Salvation Army Officer for nearly 10 years and first began this journey in a little church community in the western suburbs. I first became involved because I witnessed a group of people living out their faith in Jesus in a real and authentic way. Faith with the sleeves rolled up. That caught my attention and has driven me to do what I can to lift people and encourage them to live the best life they can.

Why do you think it is important to get involved in the community and give back?

Some say volunteerism has declined over the years and one may put that down to our hectic, complex lives. But I live with a mantra that says, “If you want to change the world, you have to get off the couch”. So I choose to turn off the Netflix (but finish my chocolate) and go and do something to make a difference. If we all spent two hours a week volunteering, imagine the change in our society.


What is your favourite place to spend time?

Friends laugh at how many coffee cards I have in my wallet. When I get the chance, I do the rounds. Waterside Cafe, Coffee Club, Ferguson Plarre, Jamaica Blue … you get the gist. Some of these cafes even have hollandaise sauce and cracked pepper. Now we’re talking. Craigieburn is a great place to live.