Darren Peters isĀ  passionate about standing up for the Whittlesea community. The Doreen resident has called Whittlesea home his whole life.


What is your connection to Whittlesea?

I grew up in Mernda, went to school in Whittlesea, attended RMIT Bundoora and built my home in Doreen.


What do you love about Whittlesea?

I love that our community will stand up for what is right. When Steve Bracks backflipped on building rail to South Morang, we all fought and won what we were promised without help from our local MPs. It was very satisfying to do it all again to win the Mernda extension as well.


What, if anything, would you change?

The state government has failed to keep up with infrastructure for the last two decades. It should not be up to locals to campaign for essential infrastructure, it should be built as soon as new estates open to prevent the gridlock we now live with each day.


How are you involved in the local community?

I am the spokesman for the South Morang and Mernda Rail Alliance. Our greatest victories were forcing the state government to build the train line to both suburbs, stopping Labor turning the Mernda railway into a busway and getting the additional station built at Hawkstowe. I also use my experience to help others with their own campaigns to make our suburbs better.


What are you passionate about?

Helping others and our community to be the best place it can be. I also love teaching and working on my masters so I can lecture at university in the future.


Where is your favourite local place, or places, to spend time?

I have always enjoyed getting down and watching Mernda Football Club, they have a great fighting spirit.

I also enjoy walking around Laurimar each night with my wife, Mary.

The lakes and native plants and animals make it a special place to be.