How long have you called Brimbank home?


I’ve been in Derrimut six, seven years. And before that Caroline Springs. I came to Australia in 2001. We moved and changed countries for a bit of opportunity. I didn’t know what to do as my background was law. I left Peru with one year left (of study left). My older brother said: “We’re going to move to Australia – there’s more opportunity, it’s a big country.”


And you landed in Caroline Springs?


Yes. I studied business management at Victoria University, leaving behind law. It was hard because I became pregnant again with my second child.


Did it take some time to adjust to the Australian way of life?


From 16 and 17 years of age, I knew that my life could be in another country – not in my country – because of my mentality, because of my dreams. The mentality is very limited in South America. It wasn’t hard to adjust in this country, it was easy.


What do you enjoy about Derrimut?


It’s quiet, it’s nice. I like the area. I like running – two blocks from my house there’s a beautiful park. Almost every day I run ten laps.


How did you get into life coaching?


I took my son, he was 12 at the time, to seminars. I think it’s important to have communication with your partner and your kids, so I took my son into every, single conference or seminar. I invested in him. And he changed completely. When he turned 18, he said: “Mum, I’d like to start working with you.” We started a business about leadership, mindset, working with people about how they think, how they live. I also wrote a book about the secrets to weight loss – 99 per cent is about changing your limiting beliefs. Everything is mindset.

You also have your own weekly internet TV show?


I interview people who suffer any kind of challenges. It could be anxiety, stress, feeling suicidal. But they overcame their challenges and want to share their message with the community. They have limiting beliefs because of the past, because of their childhood. And I mentor them for a few hours for several months. And they change.


You’re celebrating the first anniversary of your free group, Public Speaking and Leadership Club. Can you tell me a bit about that?


We are residents from Brimbank and created a free meet-up nearly one year ago for our community, supporting people to develop public speaking skills and overcoming their fear and limiting beliefs. We have more than 400 members so far. We are like family.


So what’s your motto to life?


One thing I learned working with people from different walks of life – people pretend to be happy but they are not. Because of the social environment, limiting beliefs. It could be because of their partners, parents – they are holding their success inside. My mission, my motto, is to unlock that power they’re holding, to help them tell the stories they want to say.


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