Adam Chalabi, who started playing violin at age four, is the first violinist with Tinalley String Quartet and performs for audiences across the world.

He tells Goya Dmytryshchak why he has settled in Seaholme.


What’s your connection to Hobsons Bay?

My wife and I lived in Williamstown in 2011 … we moved up to Brisbane in 2014 and then back down to Melbourne.

We wanted to be in the same area, but Williamstown has gotten crazy.

So we looked in Seaholme and Altona, really liked it and bought there.


What do you like about Seaholme?

It’s so close to the water, but also it’s incredibly close to the city.

I think it’s just a little community there, which we’ve always really liked.

We liked that in Williamstown and it’s certainly got the same feel in Seaholme and Altona.

I love the area down by the Seaholme pier towards the dog beach – it’s very peaceful – and that area of the Esplanade a bit up from Altona towards Seaholme is very nice and quiet and lovely.

I really like the train station at Seaholme – I think it’s very cute.


What would you change?

Pokemon. I hate Pokemon in Altona.

I cannot believe how many people are on the Altona pier, just wandering around with their phones like zombies.

I hate that Altona is a Pokemon hotspot.

I don’t really understand the game, but there’s obviously something going on at the Altona pier.


Do you have a favourite local cafe or eatery?

Yes, definitely – several, in fact.

Within Altona, my favourite place is Hangar1one2, but I also love Bezirk cafe, which is just around the corner from us.

I think there are lots of lovely places in Newport as well – Leroys and Birds of a Feather and Odd Spot are all great places to brunch.


What would people be surprised to know about you?

I’ve watched every single series of Friends several times over.


Tinalley String Quartet presents Speak Less Than You Know – “the musical language of Beethoven’s quartets paired with the spoken words of his letters and memoirs”, with a special guest, actor John Bell – at the Melbourne Recital Centre on October 4.