Star Weekly looks back through the pages of our predecessor, The Advocate


40 years ago

July 14, 1976

The Board of Works had inadequate information to impose a building freeze on land west of the Werribee Creek, solicitor and Werribee council candidate Frank Purcell claimed yesterday. The board’s decision to have a planning amendment drawn up in rezoning 320 hectares of residential land to non-urban use was made while an independent study was still being conducted, he said.


30 years ago

July 16, 1986

There are a number of reasons why the Socialist Left majority of the Sunshine Council must resist pressure to grant a four-day week to council employees, according to councillor Don McKay. He said it was unfortunate the matter surfaced at this time when responsible leaders of all political persuasions were quite rightly urging restraints and even cutbacks on concessions already enjoyed by the work force.



20 years ago

July 17, 1996

Brimbank council wants to sell the St Albans Hall as part of a $1 million-plus sale of council-owned assets. The council also plans to sell the Goodyear Tyre property in Sunshine and the city depot in Anderson Road. Staff from the depot have already shifted to the Keilor depot.



10 years ago

July 18, 2006

Brimbank residents ended last week with money in their pockets, mayor Natalie Suleyman with a black eye and the $9.5 million Sunshine Swim and Leisure Centre redevelopment in limbo. All in the space of three days. On Sunday, about 250 protestors rallied outside the Sunshine pool, temporarily placated by a council commitment to talk but still determined not to back down.