Star Weekly looks back through the pages of our predecessor, The Advocate


40 years ago

September 1, 1976

The western suburbs had been found to be the greatest sufferers in the lack of old people’s facilities, a Methodist spokesman said last week. The Rev Arthur Preston was commenting on his church’s go-ahead for two aged persons hostels, at Kingsville and Sunshine.


30 years ago

September 3, 1986

Federal Minister for Planning and Environment Jim Kennan last week announced the names of the committee who will recommend future usage of over 500 hectares of land in the west. The land was made available by the relocation of the Albion Explosives Factory and is situated along Station Road, between St Albans and Deer Park.

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20 years ago

September 4, 1996

Braybrook Primary School children, recently identified by a siege in nearby Lawn Crescent, are being further upset as a constant stream of gun owners walks past the school, weapons over their shoulders, to hand them in. School council member Jackie Usher said gun owners parked outside the school on their way to the collection centre in Ballarat Road, about 100 metres from the school. She said the centre should be moved urgently.

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10 years ago

September 5, 2006

St Albans resident Marguerite Breach got the fright of her life when traces of ecstasy were found in her luggage. Returning from a trip to Italy, Ms Breach, 43, went to collect her luggage from the baggage carousel at Melbourne Airport at 6.55am on August 11. She said she was horrified to find padlocks and security masking tape broken on her new bag and elastic Ockey straps and contents of its two front pockets missing.

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