Star Weekly looks back through the pages of our predecessor, the Werribee Banner 


40 years ago

August 25, 1976

The Housing Commission has embarked on its new policy of spreading its development through the community by purchasing blocks in a private subdivision. Some of the blocks will be sold again to developers, while others will be sold to private home builders. This follows last year’s announcement that a proportion of the commission’s estate at Derrimut Road would be sold to private home builders.


30 years ago

August 27, 1986

The death of a 14-year-old Werribee boy, electrocuted after climbing on top of a moving train at the weekend, has sparked a wave of controversy in the shire. The tragic death of Phillip Pyke has revealed problems in Werribee of under-age drinking and a lack of facilities for young people. Many younger teenagers are trying to beat boredom by risking their lives in dangerous stunts.



20 years ago

August 28, 1996

Sixteen studies will be carried out in the next six weeks to determine the environmental impact of the proposed toxic dump. The studies, by CSR and supported by the state government’s consultative committee, will look into the effect of the plan on the water systems, air quality and flora and fauna. CSR will also look at the repercussions of blasting and the impact of the proposal on the community.



10 years ago

August 23, 2006

Former Werribee resident Joseph Terrence Thomas, dubbed ‘Jihad Jack’, is a free man after winning his appeal against his terrorism-related convictions last Friday. The Victorian Court of Appeal found evidence obtained during interviews in Pakistan and used to convict him was inadmissible because Mr Thomas had not been allowed access to a lawyer, as required by Australian law.