Delahey mother Kathy Nguyen talks to Ashley Alasagas about her role as an educator with Brimbank Family Day Care.


How long have you been living in Brimbank?

For six years. I used to live in Adelaide but moved to Melbourne. It’s more busy and populated here than Adelaide.


What is your favourite thing about living in the area?

Everything is so close by – like schools for my daughter. I think Brimbank’s a location with everything. The shops, even, are close to me. It just feels like a community. I feel connected and especially so working with Brimbank Family Day Care.


Where are your favourite places?

We go to Watergardens shopping centre because there’s a lot of restaurants and shops, and it’s close to home. Even just across from my house there’s a park and I like to take the kids there.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

It’s spending time with my family, because most of my time is dedicated to the kids. After my day-care work, it’s just family time for me. So anything for my daughter, hanging out with my extended family, or going to places to have fun – like the beach if it’s a nice day.


How did you get started as an educator with Brimbank Family Day Care?

I’ve been an educator with Brimbank Family Day Care for three years. I got started because of my mum, basically. She did family day care and I grew up in a family day care home, so I know what’s expected. I really enjoy the kids’ company at home; that’s what got me started.


Have you done anything like this before?

I’d only done work experience in a childcare centre. Basically from that I went into family day care.


How does the day care scheme fit with your own career goals?

It fits well. Everything is in my own home. I’m thinking to do a diploma at the moment. I have a certificate III in children’s services, so I want to level up more. I relate to the kids because I do this at home; it’s all relatable to my work and diploma. I can study at home while working.


What’s best about being a carer?

Just watching the children grow and what they can achieve – that excites me. It keeps me going. The parents are happy knowing that their children are happy and growing here. That’s why I love my job.


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