Anyone who has been around WRFL footy fields long enough would have bumped into Allan ‘Titch’ Williams. The long-time Albion trainer talked about his great love of Aussie Rules with Esther Lauaki.


What is your connection to Brimbank?

I’ve lived in Sunshine all my life, for 76 years. I live here with my wife, and our children were born here, but are adults and [have] moved away now. I was born in Sunshine hospital when it was on King Edwards Road, which is no longer there anymore.


What drew you to football in the first place?

The Sunshine football club used to play across the road from where I lived in Anderson Street and, one day, one of the boys got hurt during a game. This bloke said to me can you please help get him off, and I had a look at him and helped him. I used what I know of first aid and fixed him up. Everyone was so thankful and that’s where my relationship with the club started.


What’s kept you at Albion?

Me and about a dozen other guys later decided to start up the Albion football club, which became official in 1961. Because I helped form it, the loyalty is there. It’s like part of your family, the navy and white runs through the blood and is just another extension of life. I love the involvement, the people and being part of the sport.


How many games have you served with the club?

I’ve been there for about 2020 games. My youngest boy played for the club, so I started training his teams – under 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18s. Then I also trained the seniors. Everyone at the club knows me. I’m a club legend, a life member of both the Albion Football Club and the Western Regional League, I was awarded Brimbank council’s citizenship of the year award, an Australia Day Queen’s award, personality of the year, best clubman and the Australian government’s Australian Sports Award


How did you get the nickname Titch?

Only the close people who know me well know my real name is Allan, because everybody knows me as Titch. Even all of my certificates and awards from the club, the government, you name it, they all have the words ‘Allan ‘Titch’ Williams’ on it.

The funny thing is that I have no idea who started it, because I’ve had it since I was at school. So I don’t really know who it was exactly, but my dad (Harry Williams) was called Titch as a nickname, so whether that all started with some of his work mates and then has fallen down to me, I don’t know, but it’s seemed to carry on because they now call my son Titch, too, so it’s down the generations … but not my grandson just yet – he has to earn the name first.


What do you love about Albion?

It’s my home. I love the people and it’s where I have spent my life. I went to school here and worked here most of my life. There was nothing at the time to take me away from Sunshine.