Kevin Hillier can’t wait for the next Wyndham council election

The deckchairs on the Wyndham Titanic were moved around again recently with the election of a new mayor and the bizarre selection of her deputy.

The vote for the deputy job was 5-5, with one councillor absent for personal reasons. How much credibility does a position have when the result is decided by the drawing of a ping pong ball? Give me and every other ratepayer a break. The process is a joke and so is the position now. Why not appoint both candidates for six months and everyone is happy?

I’m wondering if we should not scrap council elections altogether and just line candidates up with a number. Link that to Tattslotto and fill the vacancies that way. The first 10 numbers drawn are in and whoever gets the Powerball gets the mayoral robes. Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be any worse off.

I’m afraid too many things done and said by members of this current council lack class and respect. I’ve written before about councillors not turning up or turning up when not expected. And the story in this paper last week about an investigation into one councillor is not what you want to be reading.

Comments made by the new mayor in this paper also ruffled a few feathers and I can see why. These people were upset and contacted me … there was a lot of ‘I’ and not a lot of ‘we’ in what she said. This council has rarely worked as a team in its three years and to me it looks as if the last year of its term will be no different.

You can’t buy leadership at the supermarket and even if you could, some people aren’t cut out for it or don’t know how to handle it. I’m certainly willing to give a go to anyone who puts up their hand and will do so in this case. I will also make sure those in office are accountable for their actions and that they do the job they were elected to do – serve the people, not themselves. It will be very interesting to observe how things pan out in the next few weeks and months. There are certainly a lot of people hanging out for the November 2016 election. ■

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