Kevin Hillier wonders what’s wrong with yearning for the past

My generation has a tendency to long for things from the past and cop a fair bit of criticism for it, most of which I think is misguided. Who wouldn’t like to be able to play kick-to-kick or a cricket match in the street like we used to?

Long before gazetted 40km/h zones, drivers (aka dads of the kids playing) knew where the games were on and slowed down so you could get the rubbish bin or vegie box out of harm’s way, mainly because they’d have to replace them. Those wooden vegie boxes and tin rubbish bins could do some serious damage to cars!

This week I noted the return of the Polly Waffle chocolate bar under a new name and wondered what else we’d like to come back. I posted this on Facebook and the reaction was unbelievable. Do you remember Choo Choo bars? I loved them and I’m sure all today’s dentists would love to see them back, along with Redskins and White Knights.

choo choo bar

Others mentioned included Curly Wurlys, Toobs (Shane Warne’s favourite I believe), Mates, Paw Print Paddle Pops, Barney Bananas, Triple Treat ice-creams, Turkish Delights and Milky Bars. Do you remember the old Milky Bar Kid TV ad? ‘The Milky Bars are on me’.

What was your favourite lolly as a kid, and have any carried over to adulthood? Marella jubes have been a favourite from my early days. And while they’re now hard to find, whenever I see them I can’t resist.

Tattoo reaction

I  got some interesting reaction to last week’s piece on tattoos. I was accused of being part of the nanny state and of being old fashioned and then, from the other side, there was overwhelming support that tattoos and, for many, body and face-piercing, were a trendy statement that many would regret in the future. Some readers were passionate that tattoos were their way of expressing different events in their lives and making statements about who they are.

I don’t have a problem with any of that. All I say is that it’s not for me and you can do whatever you like. To each his own: an old expression that shouldn’t be lost because it’s now more appropriate than ever. ■

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