Kevin Hillier considers the appeal of social media

When it comes to social media I think most of my generation has a love-hate relationship with most of its platforms. My vocation demands that I am across most of it. But, really, who is interested in what someone had for breakfast – including photos – or the continuous pictures of people at events, drink in hand, poking tongues out or pulling faces? I do like to know what my friends are up to, in a broad, general sense. Family updates are good, too, but some of the stuff people share about their personal life is opening up the too-much- information file. Is there no shame any more?

The language of social media is interesting, to say the least. There are no censorship restrictions as anyone who saw Sinead O’Connor’s Facebook posting about Kim Kardashian last week can attest. I do find some of the rants from people highly amusing and some highly offensive. I guess, for some, Facebook is their version of this column – a chance to express their opinions and thoughts in a public forum. Maybe that’s why I don’t post a lot of stuff on my Facebook page. I value my privacy, and as such still believe some things are not to be shared, either in this column or on social media, but I think that philosophy is fading fast for the next generation.

Twitter is an instantaneous resource for people like me. I find it very handy when I’m on SEN radio, but I also make sure any major news is thoroughly checked out first before broadcasting it. Some reporters and news agencies are so keen to be first with the story that they’ll cut corners with the facts.

One undeniable advantage of social media is its global reach. The world has been shrunk down to the screen of your mobile, tablet or computer, and that’s sensational.

Yes, it has taken out the personal contact to a degree, but in many cases it has introduced contact we had probably lost or put in the too- hard basket. The dark side is the sleazy sites, the scammers and the cyber-bullies, but like every layer of society, it’s there.

I am interested to know how you use social media and your thoughts on the best and worst aspects of it.

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