40 years ago

January 14, 1976


A confidential state government report on Sunshine council, prepared by a special local government investigator and sent to the Minister for Local Government, has named several councillors, an ex-councillor and some municipal staff members. The report mentions a number of points where possible legal action may be taken. It has been forwarded to the Crown Law department for legal advice.

30 years ago

January 15, 1986


Sunshine council has called the bluff of McGrath Quarry. The council has refused to support quarrying despite two ultimatums from the company. A letter obtained by

The Advocate suggested that McGrath “threatened to develop all their land for industry” if the quarry was not allowed to re-open.

20 years ago

January 10, 1996


Brimbank residents are among the worst in Melbourne for dumping unwanted dogs, according to the Lost Dogs’ Home. General manager Dr Graeme Smith said that up to 80 per cent of all dogs found by the home came from the western suburbs.

10 years ago

January 17, 2006


A man allegedly armed with a blood-filled syringe is threatening shoppers in the carparks of three major western suburbs shopping centres. The man has approached eight shoppers at Highpoint, Brimbank Central and Watergardens shopping centres in a week.