Star Weekly looks back through the pages of our predecessor, the Werribee Banner


archives 1975

40 years ago

December 10, 1975

A suggestion that east and south ridings combine to form a breakaway municipality is the first of many expected proportions for secession from Werribee shire. Council resolved to form a committee to study the effects of Werribee become a city, of the east breaking away, but set no date for the completion of the study.


archives 1985

30 years ago

December 11, 1985

East riding councillor Stuart Southwick on Monday night threatened to shut down two of his Laverton North businesses if council offered them only temporary special trade registration. But Werribee council went ahead and limited the registration for Cedel Products, for which Cr Southwick is managing director.


archives 1995

20 years ago

December 13, 1995

Wyndham Vale residents have vowed to march in protest against poor roads in Werribee west after a 3000-strong crowd rallied at the Werribee Racecourse on Monday night. The rally was called by the newly formed Wyndham Traffic Reform Group, which expects thousands to march from Chirnside Park along Watton Street to the civic centre.


archives 2005

10 years ago

December 7, 2005

Hundreds of ducks at the western treatment plant wetlands have been killed by an unconfirmed illness, in the biggest of its kind so far recorded. Avian influenza – or bird flu – has been ruled out as the cause of the deaths, which were discovered last week. About 400 birds have died.