Star Weekly looks back through the pages of our predecessor, The Advocate


40 years ago

June 25, 1975



Sunshine is to get six new kindergartens by the end of 1976. This follows a decision by Sunshine council to accept a $480,000 grant from the Australian government. The grant will cover building costs, architect fees, approved equipment, playground development and site works.

30 years ago

June 26, 1985



Chemical giant Monsanto depressed some house values in the west by up to $10,000, Environment Centre of the West spokesman John Kirby claimed last week.

“If they [Monsanto] left, each of your houses would probably go up by $10,000 – multiply that by all the houses in the area and it’s as much money as Monsanto wants to spend to make them worth less,” Mr Kirby, a civil engineer, said.


20 years ago

June 28, 1995



An elderly man who had been stabbed in his Ardeer home, chased a 27-year-old burglar through the house, hitting him with an iron pipe, the Broadmeadows Magistrates Court heard on Friday.

Joseph Thomaidis, of Hall Street, West Sunshine, pleaded guilty to entering with intent to steal, to making threats to kill and to two counts of intending to recklessly cause injury to Mr Bruno Brunelli, now 80, and his wife, Bianca.

10 years ago

June 28, 2005



Police fear 30 stolen firearms will end up for sale on the black market after the first suburban gun shop robbery since 1992 took place in St Albans last Thursday. Gunco Gun shop owners Con Eliades, 73, and his wife, Betty, 67, were confronted by three balaclava-clad men about 6pm at the Leslie Street store.