St Albans resident Kera Cachia will transform into a souperhero as part of a seven-day Salvation Army campaign to raise funds for Australians in need.

The Be A Souperhero challenge, which involves making every meal soup, runs from Saturday, July 29, to Friday, August 4. The campaign aims to raise $100,000 to help struggling families.

“I think that for causes like this, every little bit helps,” Ms Cachia said.

“I want to make a difference and this challenge allows for people of all ages to rally together and help those who need it most.”

She said she was always in good form in the soup department because of weekly visits to St Albans restaurant Pho Ngon for bowls of the famed Vietnamese soup-noodle dish pho.

“I think about the members in my community that may be experiencing hard times – if I could help even one family, then it would make the challenge a success,” Ms Cachia said.

She said that although she has not faced hardship struggles herself, people around her have come close to dire straits.

“For people that have lost their jobs or can’t find employment, it can be very hard to live just off benefits, especially if you have to feed a whole family.

“I hope that through the Be A Souperhero challenge I can provide some assistance to those who need it.”

The challenge is open to all ages. Those interested can register to Be A Souperhero or make a donation by visiting souper