Wyndham families deserve to feel safe. That is our priority. While recent reports have shaken some, they require context.

Melbourne is the world’s fifth safest city. Youth crime has been falling for almost a decade.

In 2017, crime in Wyndham fell by more than 10 per cent, one of the biggest drops recorded; the first in four years after the previous Liberal government did nothing.

The Crime Statistics Agency’s latest figures show the offence rate had the biggest decrease in 10 years, falling 6.3 per cent in the year to September 2017.

When you refer to facts (youth offenders per 100,000 – New South Wales 2741, Queensland 2632, Victoria 1573), and look beyond the fearmongering coming from the PM and Peter Dutton (home affairs minister), you can see that there are half as many youth offenders in Victoria than Sydney.

Growing communities like Wyndham need more police, which is why the Andrews Labor government has funded the largest boost to Victoria Police, with 3135 additional police to Victorian communities.

Of the first 300, more than 100 have been allocated to western suburbs, with 27 officers in Wyndham, and more to come.

It was Labor that built Wyndham North police station and we are upgrading Werribee police station. We’ve boosted the gang crime squad, which works with local police to investigate and prevent criminal behaviour.

Our community admires the dedicated work of Victoria Police, but some may still feel let down by our justice system. That’s why we’re making major reforms to bail, requiring judges and magistrates to refuse bail for offences such as aggravated home invasion and carjacking unless there are exceptional circumstances.

But this is not just a law and order issue. Young people need opportunities to contribute to communities, which is why we we’re delivering record investments in jobs, education, and training.

The Liberals “tough” talk on crime is cheap, given they ripped money out of programs supporting Wyndham’s most disadvantaged and didn’t deliver one extra police officer above attrition. Victorians deserve better.

Wyndham is a diverse community with big aspirations. We won’t stand for fearmongering and empty promises. We stand for a safer community by delivering more resources to keep Victorians safe.

Tim Pallas is the Member for Werribee and State Treasurer