What is your connection to Melton?


I lived here for a short time in the early 1980s and worked in a large local organisation. My son was born whilst I was living in Melton, and was baptised at St Dominics. I came back to live in Melton in the early 2000s because it was affordable, close to services and I found a house to buy that had been cared for.


What are you passionate about?


I am passionate about many things. Together with my husband Danny, we are passionate about raising our voices and having a say in our local community. I administrate 14 Facebook groups and pages across the many interests that we have. Melton Artists and Crafters [MACS], Mend It, Melton [MIM], Melton Community Leadership and Imagine Melton Zero Waste are four of them.


Tell me about your involvement with the Melton Artists and Crafters group and the Mend It, Melton group.


MACS Facebook group was created by me.
As an arts activist and textile artist, I
was keen to seek out and network local artists and crafters. It was hoped that from the connections made online, MACS members would then seek each other out, and gather together.

As an arts activist, I have been advocating and lobbying on MACS, for a dedicated space or building for our local artists to network and create.

Mend It, Melton – Fix It Don’t Flick It, was a happening community activity in 2016-17 in Melton South. It was supported by the local health service and run by the volunteers. Mend It, Melton [MIM] is now a Facebook group to advocate and lobby for mending, fixing
and repairing in our community.

It’s great to know that a Women’s Shed
for Melton is officially on the council’s
radar after many years of trying to find out why not.

What other hats do you wear in the community?


I am a staunch community recycling activist, and administrate Imagine Melton Zero Waste and co-administrate Zero Waste Westies Facebook groups. I have been lobbying and advocating Melton City Council’s waste management department to establish a resource recovery advisory group for years but it has not happened. My husband and I have two blogs related to reuse and repair. The aim is to inspire others to think about throwing good stuff away. The objectives of our blogs are related to our 3Rs – reduce, reuse and repair to save money, save the planet and save souls.


How did you get involved with these groups?


I was passionate about having a say on a local and global level. Social media affords me such a platform therefore I created most of the groups and pages. I am a huge user and supporter of any platform that mobilises citizens to speak up and share what’s on their minds.


What is the best thing about this community?


Fibre to the home is the best. I am really grateful for the NBN roll-out in Melton, especially when many are without it or having trouble with connecting. I feel like I am flying a spaceship and can see the whole world thanks to my internet service. When people ask why we have not retired to the beach or the country, I highlight that I would be lost without my fast NBN service.


If you could change anything about the area, what would it be?


If I had the magical power to change something about Melton, it would be its ‘struggle
town’ image. I would wave my wand
at people who unfairly stereotype it as an
unsafe backwater. It’s just not true, and I do defend my suburb from this ignorant perception.