FB: How would you rate your cooking skills?

MM: Four out of five. I love food that tastes good and love to experiment, which means that sometimes I end up with fabulous creations and other days I end up with disasters!

FB: What is your signature dish?

MM: That’s a hard one as I rarely make the same thing twice! But I do have a bit of a love for bolognese in the winter. It’s great for getting kids in the kitchen.

FB: If you could only have one more meal, what would it be?

MM: Al burro pasta and a green salad with a glass of rose from Café Di Stastio.

FB: What is your favourite TV food show and who is your favourite TV food

MM: I really don’t watch much TV so really can’t say that I’ve ever seen any TV food shows! I love foodie movies, though – The Hundred-Foot Journey with Helen Mirren is a classic!

FB: What is your favourite food?

MM: Cheese … goat’s fetta, blue, camembert – I love them all!

FB: What is your favourite drink?

MM: Bollinger.

FB: Which five people would you most like to invite to dinner?

MM: Elvis Presley, John Maxwell (leadership guru), King David (of Israel), Angelina Jolie and my nan (who died when I was in my teens).

FB: Do you have a kitchen tip for us?

MM: Use your best crockery regularly – even a glass of water can feel decadent if it’s served in a crystal champagne flute.