School holiday support is available for families in and around Melton with a number of free programs scheduled for January.

The Children and Parenting Support Service (CaPSS) is running two free creative programs to assist families in financial hardship.

The first program will be held on January 17 and 19 in conjunction with Bunnings Warehouse in Melton West. The other, an arts and crafts-based program, will be run at the Melton South Community Centre on Monday, January 22.

Parenting support practitioner with the Salvation Army, Mollie Roberts, said: “We are passionate about extending our program to the wider community, with a goal to ensure that every parent who needs our assistance is aware of how to access it and is confident in doing so. We find school holiday programs are a great way to network and get a feel for the community needs.

“Our aim is to strengthen family relationships through supporting parents and carers in their role, through creative and interesting programs in group and individual settings.”

The two programs aim to help parents and children have fun while bonding and connecting through creativity in a relaxed environment. The CaPSS is running a Young Parents Playgroup every Tuesday at the Melton Youth Centre.


Dewi Sherry