A GP clinic is calling for three vehicle spaces in a public Werribee carpark to be reserved for its doctors.

MyClinic Werribee Central has launched a petition asking Wyndham council to set aside three car spaces in the two-hour car park located at the corner of Synnot Street and Duncans Road.

One of the clinic’s employees, Dr Adam Smith, said the doctors usually parked in the carpark, which has more than 100 spaces.

But he and his colleagues had received several parking tickets from the council for over-staying the two hour limit.

He said it was difficult for the doctors to move their cars every two hours because they could not leave the clinic during a consultation with a patient.

“I do skin cancer surgery and if I’m doing surgery, I can’t leave in the middle of it to move my car,” he said.

He said that taking public transport to work was not an option, because he needed his car to visit patients.

Dr Smith said he had written to the council about the parking issue and been told to leave his car in the Cherry Street area, about 500 metres away, where some parking spaces have a three-hour limit.

But he said walking to and from the Cherry Street carpark to move his vehicle every few hours was still not an ideal solution.

“The problem is, if someone comes in with chest pains, having a stroke or asthma trouble, I can’t be out walking around after changing my carpark,” he said.

He said the council needed to investigate ways to provide more all-day carparks for people who worked in Werribee, especially with the future removal of the Synnot Street and Duncans Road carpark.

The council has received a planning permit application to build a 12-storey hotel and education precinct on the Synnot Street site as part of the Werribee Catalyst project.

Wyndham city economy, innovation and liveability director Kate Roffey said that the Werribee City Centre Planning Scheme required businesses to provide adequate parking for their staff.

She said that from January 2 the council would provide all-day parking at its Cherry Street and West End carparks for employees of Werribee businesses with parking permits.

“If you have a permit, you will be able to park all day without moving your vehicle,” she said.