FRESH faces, full of curiosity and uncertainty, filled the Epping Views Primary School hall last week. The children are going through a transition program to prepare them for school when they start as preps next year. 

Principal Pauline Kubat said that when the school opened five years ago there were 30 students, including five preps. 

The number is set to hit 700 next year, about 150 of them prep students, because of the young families moving into the area. 

“New preps come for four short sessions, then a whole day session before the start of the new school year to get to know the feel of the school,” she said. 

“There are no tears for the first day of school because the children feel comfortable and are generally looking forward to it.” 

She said grades 1 to 6 would return on Friday, February 1, while the preps would start on Monday, February 4.