To start off the night the Melton group and the Inner West group came together at Whitten Oval and set up a video chat with the other regions. We then had two guest speakers talk to us and to the regions over the video chat.

The first guest speaker was the co-founder of Project Rockit, Rosie Thomas, a group that is working towards an end to bullying. Project Rockit has worked with thousands of young Aussies in multiple areas across Australia. Rosie explained that the first day of year seven is like the lottery. We all draw a ticket and some of us get great tickets, while others get poor tickets. Some of the great tickets can give a student popularity, while a poor ticket can see someone being laughed at being made fun of all year. I found to really associate with this metaphor, more so than people telling me that I probably felt nervous on the first day.

The second guest speaker was Kalvin Hart, from Thank You. I’m sure many of you have seen Thank You water around, perhaps even their body care range. Kalvin gave us plenty of statistics, for example, nine-hundred million people do not have access to safe water and four-thousand and five hundred children pass away a day due to water borne diseases. He also explained a great quote to us; “you have the power to change stuff”. Stuff being an open, less detailed word meaning that you can change the word ‘stuff’ to anything that you want to change.