A disappointing season has ended on a high for Sunbury United in FFV state league 2 north-west.

With just four wins for the season, United already knew going into the final round that it would face a second straight relegation for finishing in the bottom two.

Up for grabs was the slight chance of avoiding a bottom-of-the-ladder finish.

United needed a big win against Corio while hoping Heidelberg Stars suffered a resounding loss to Sporting Whittlesea; that would enable United to move above the Stars on goal difference.

In the end, United’s 8-5 win wasn’t enough to shove them above the Stars. Jake McIntyre scored a hat trick for United, while Djafari Mwarabu and Hussein Makelele scored two goals each.

United and the Stars finished the season equal on points and goal difference. But the Stars found themselves ahead on the ladder, having scored one more goal while having won the aggregate between the two teams in their two matches, 4-3.

In state league 5 west, Kyneton District’s season ended with a 2-1 loss to Keilor Wolves.

The Rangers finish the season in fifth spot.

The wrap-up of Gisborne’s season is on hold for another week after Friday’s downpour left Dixon Field Reserve unsuitable for play.

Seventh-placed Gisborne will now finish its season against bottom-placed Melbourne Lions on Saturday.