A partnership between two Keilor schools could lead to the next generation of star soccer players and coaches.

Keilor Downs College will partner with Keilor Views Primary School from next year, with senior students from the college visiting the primary school to coach and help with integration to high school.

College soccer co-ordinator Josip Loncaric said it was a win-win for both schools.

“It’s been part of our strategic plan for some time, to build some partnership with local primary schools, and with just a small park between both of these schools it makes sense for both of us,” Mr Loncaric said.

“Keilor Views is one of our biggest feeder schools, so it gives a number of our students a chance to coach at their old school, and also means those from the primary school that come to us … already know a few faces.”

The college has seen strong results on the pitch this year, with three girls’ sides making it to the state championships,. The school is now part of the Premier League Cup with the chance to compete against the best schools regularly.

Mr Loncaric said coaching would give his players opportunities after school.

“The reality is that not everyone gets to become a professional player. Some are already leaning more towards coaching, so this will help in that development and give them a leg-up with pursuing coaching.”