The Riddell District Football Netball League board will ask its clubs to oppose Kilmore’s application to leave the competition and join the Northern Football League.

As previously reported by Star Weekly, Kilmore approached the Northern Football League about a possible move across from the RDFNL.

The RDFNL board met last Wednesday night to discuss the Blues’ application.

Rod Ward, general manager of AFL Goldfields, which oversees the RDFNL, said the league was of the view the move to the NFL may “place the club in a more precarious position than what it’s currently in”.

Speaking to the Star Weekly before the meeting, Ward said the league had been ‘‘blindsided’’ by the decision.

“Last Friday we made a presentation at Kilmore,” he said. “We were reasonably comfortable the vote was in favour – or at least 50/50 in favour of staying in the RDFNL.

“We didn’t think they would have over- whelming support like they did.

“One of the biggest things we think is the club will become fractured, with the netball and possibly under-18 football being played at different venues to the senior football.”

Ward said the league had sent out emails to all Kilmore football and netball players to survey their views on the proposed move. Results so far were inconclusive.

“The RDFNL has given them very sufficient support and that support could see additional concessions in future,” Ward said.

“Every club has the right to decide its best fit for the future, but we think their future could still lie in the RDFNL.”

Club presidents will meet on Wednesday night to vote on the application with the verdict to be passed onto AFL Victoria, which will make the final decision.

The RDFNL’s board decision comes after Kilmore members and NFL clubs voted to support the move

Blues president Dave Milne said members voted 61-8 in favour of the move.

“We are looking at having a change and something different,” he said. “We want a brighter future for the club moving forward.”

He said the club’s netball side would also continue.

The NFL runs a netball competition on Friday nights which doesn’t run side by side with the football as in the RDFNL.

NFL’s Samuel Zito said all clubs voted in favour of the move and there was only one hurdle remaining: AFL Victoria needing to tick the move off.

The NFL board had recommended its clubs vote in favour of accepting Kilmore. If successful, the Blues would play in division 3, giving the division eight teams and removing the need for a bye.